Antimicrobial Germ Free Tapes

All Sanisfy products harness the excellent Antimicrobial technology of RAMBO – Revolutionary Antimicrobial Bonding. This long-lasting nanotechnology is molecularly infused on to the surface of the plastic sheet. It generates an invisible cross link effect that traps the pathogens and kills them instantly.
Sanisfy Germ-free tapes are designed to be used on any suface that requires protection against germs. They can be used on Door handles, railings, elevator button panels, card-swiping machines, shopping cart handles, airport luggage trolleys, toilet handles, TV remote controllers, ATM button consoles, car steering, and 2-wheeler handles.
The anti-germ coating lasts as long as the surface of the plastic sheet lasts. The invisible coating gets deteriorated over repeated contact and friction.
In household applications, they must be replaced every three months. In offices, and hotels, once a week. In public place applications such as ATMs, lift panels, carts, railings and swiping machines, it is recommended that they are replaced once a week. Germ-free tapes on steering wheels and 2-wheeler handles are advised to be changed once every three months. The thumb-rule is: - Home usage: 3 months; Private office cabin: 1 month; High usage: conference/mall/hotel: 1 week
Measure the object dimensions where the sticker tape has to be covered. Cut to the required dimension and shape. Stick the tape to the surface firmly and press.
The standard dimension of the tape is 10 cms x 20 cms, These sticker tapes can be custom-made for bulk quantity orders.
Yes, RAMBO technology has been tested by Biotesting Services Lab- an NABL certified lab for Cytotoxicity and skin-irritation.
SGS has done it for application on doormats of another plastic type and TTH, an NABL certified lab has done it on plastic sheet.
  • 1. Unwrap and remove
  • 2. Use a safe box-cutter or knife gently to cut the tape
  • 3. Do not cut deep to touch the surface of the object
  • 4. After removal, dispose in 'non-recyclable' trash bins