Antimicrobial RAMBO Masks

Sanisfy RAMBO masks protects the users form COVID-19 in two ways.

a). Filtration: According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus spreads through droplets and not directly through air. The virus requires water droplets to travel and to survive. The smallest of these droplets that emerge from a patient is 0.585 micron. Rambo Sanisfy mask filters microbes of 0.3 micron and therefore stops the Coronavirus from entering the body of the user.

b). Kill the virus: Sanisfy RAMBO masks, kill the pathogens in addition to filtering them. COVID-19 virus has many negatively charged parts that get neutralized through the disruption caused by the nanotech coating on the mask fabric. The biocidal effect disintegrates the lipid bi-lay and the membrane, resulting in the collapse of the structure of the virus killing the virion instantly.

FFP standards for 'Filtering Face Piece' This is a term used by the European Industry. 1,2 and 3 are the grades of masks depending on their filtering efficiency -3 being the highest with above 99% filtration of microbes. Sanisfy RAMBO masks conform to the following test standards that make them FFP3 category masks.
RAMBO stands for 'Revolutionary Anti Microbial Bonding'. It is a proprietary technology developed from the template of NASA's antimicrobial technology that was used for space-suits. Quantarm LLC, U.S.A. owns this technology.
Polytex is a proprietary composite fabric crafted with a high-filtration threshold, yet giving excellent breathing comfort. It is designed by Quantarm LLC, U.S.A.
Valve is used for easier breathing, and is used in those masks where breathing becomes uneasy. Sanisfy RAMBO masks are made with Polytex fabric that provides high breathing comfort, with Breathing resistance of Delta value 18, and therefore does not require a valve.
Typically, masks are categorized based on the directional protection. Some masks prevent the user from external factors - such as Pollution -mask, PM masks etc. Surgical masks prevent a surgeon or a doctor's cough or sneeze from throwing his germs into a patient's open wounds or cut body. N95 masks prevent a patient's virus from being pushed outside the mask. A few of these masks might have sufficient filtration either way, but they do not kill the microbes in both directions. Only Sanisfy RAMBO masks have this unique functionality.
N95 masks are designed to filter the microbes up to 95%, Our masks filter up to 99%. N95 masks only stop the microbes. Sanisfy RAMBO masks kill the virus. N95 masks are not washable. Sanisfy RAMBO masks are washable for 30 times and can be used up to 6 months.
Sanisfy RAMBO masks are crafted with 4 layers. The first outer layer filters the macro-particles and macro-droplets. The second layer kills the micro-particles and micro-droplets that try to get into the mask from outside. The third layer is a cross-link-polymer coated aeration fabric. The fourth layer filters and kills the microbes and micro-droplets from the user's (patient's) body.
These masks are made with fabrics that are treated at molecular level with an invisible, safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic biocidal nanotech coating which etches on a permanent basis. Therefore washing the masks with gentle soap and water does not disrupt this coating, up to 30 washes.
There is no specified limit on the number of hours that one can use Sanisfy RAMBO mask. Breathing comfort is one of the unique features of these masks and therefore can be used day long.
The shelf-life of the mask is 5 years. The mask is good for 30 washes. The minimal frequency recommended for washing is once-a-week, enabling the user to utilize the mask for up to 30 weeks or more than 6 months.
    Sanisfy RAMBO masks have undergone the following tests
  • a). FFP3 testing: Barclay-Phelps
  • b). Antimicrobial testing: SGS
  • c). Bio-burden testing: StandardS Environmental Labs
  • d). Splash resistance, Breathing comfort: SITRA
  • e). Cytotoxicity test: Biotesting Services
  • f). Skin-irritation test: Biotesting Services