About Sanisfy

About Sanisfy

Statement of Mission:

"To pioneer globally in developing and creating products, technologies and services that control microbes, pests, vectors and anti-nutrients in order to promote human hygiene, health and wellbeing"

Our Values

Innovation : Provide technologically advanced products that are compliant with or exceed international standards.

Customer Satisfaction : Nurture consumer loyalty by providing customers the best-in-class hygiene products with optimal added value in everything that we do

Ethics : A code of conduct that encompasses high standards of integrity, ethics and respect for all the stakeholders.

About Lesure Industries:

Many nations across the world face serious epidemics and pandemics due to infections from Microbes such as Bacteria, Virus and Fungus. Drug-resistant Bacteria, Fast-mutating Viruses and pathogens pose a difficult challenge in developing effect antibiotics and vaccines.

Hospitals and healthcare centres are prone to high risk of lethal infections from Multi-Drug-Resistant Super Bugs -such as MRSA,ORSA, and VRSA, which are associated with an increased risk of infection, morbidity and mortality. Healthcare Personnel are as much vulnerable to Nosocomial Acquired Infections as the patients

Cross contamination is a new hazard in public places. New pathogens survive for long duration on plastic, metal, rubber, and paper and transfer to those who touch these surfaces. There paradigm finds more relevance in the recent times, as global pandemics rake havoc, warranting strict preventive hygiene regime.

Incumbent products and solutions in the market are inadequate to address these problems and some of them are hazardous, resulting in newer types of super bugs

Lesure Industries Pvt. Ltd., manufactures infection-control consumer products of International standards and accreditations which provide robust and assured protection to the users, under the flagship of 'Sanisfy' brand.

At Sanisfy, we also recognize the importance of right nutrition. Antinutrients and harmful foods have caused tremendous damage to humans and are showing impact on human genome. Sanisfy focusses on high-value foods and food ingredients that enhance human health.

Adoption of 'Sanisfy' products augments personal protection. Sanisfy leverages a suite of long-lasting antimicrobial, hybrid filtration and substrate technologies, and provide technical masks, germ-free tapes, antimicrobial handkerchiefs, alcohol-free hand disinfectants and other hygiene products in addition to high-end nutrition products.

'Sanisfy' products empower you with an assured protection to believe in the sacred motto, ‘It’s your life!’