Revolutionary Technology on Germ Protection


RAMBO Technology instantly kills bacteria and virus

Protects & Also Kills

Kills more than 99% of germs

Antimicrobial coating

Special Treatment with anti microbial agent integrated at the molecular level

Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic

Sustainable sourcing and packaging

About Sanisfy

At Sanisfy, we pioneer in engineering innovation, to create a wide range of infection-control and disease-prevention consumer products and solutions

All Sanisfy products harness the excellent Antimicrobial efficacy of RAMBO Revolutionary Antimicrobial Bonding. This nanotechnology is molecularly infused on to the surface of the substrate.

Sanisfy products are non-toxic, non-allergen, and they are eco-friendly.

the RAMBO Technology


SANISFY RAMBO MASKS are made with a specially treated fabric that has antimicrobial agent integrated at the molecular level. This invisible layer instantly fuses all the microbes and repels the debris.

The specially created high-filtration fabric keeps the harmful elements and microbes and provides optimal protection and breathing comfort.



Sanisfy RAMBO reusable washable handkerchiefs are created with premium grade cotton. These handkerchiefs are subjected to a robust and long-lasting Anti-germ nano-technology at a molecular level that retains the virus-killing ability for 30 washes. These kerchiefs are safe, non-toxic and are irritation-free.

Where it is applicable?



Disease-causing-Germs are broadly classified as Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi. These pathogens or microbes either mutate and become drug-resistant or new types of them break out, precipitating global pandemics.

Hygienic lifestyle is the most important factor in infection-prevention measures. Adoption of products and practices that enhance personal protection is an essential element of the new safe protocol.


General Frequently Ask Questions

COVID-19 virus spreads through micro-droplets when an infected person sneezes or coughs. The micro-droplets enter the respiratory system, and causes infection. When a person touches a contaminated surface, and when the hands touch the mouth, nose the virus enters the respiratory system and infects the person.
A single cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets.
COVID-19 is an Coronavirus that gets transmitted through micro-droplets. This Alpha virus can survive for long duration without any living host. Touching the contaminated surfaces transmits the virus on to human body
Viral DNA left on a hospital bed rail in an isolation room spread within ten hours to 18 other surfaces, including door handles, chairs in a waiting room, children's toys and books in a play area.
This virus is robust and unlike other viruses that need a live host to survive, this virus can survive 1 day on cardboard, 2 days on paper, 3 days, 4 days on glass and paper, 3 to 7 days on plastic and stainless steel. Therefore, one should be careful about touching the surfaces in public place.
Liquid detergents removes dirt and also destroys COVID-19 as it has a lipid bilayer. But, there is no guarantee that these surfaces would not be contaminated after sometime.
Cleaners remove dirt. They do not generally kill microbes. Sanitizers kill certain bacteria, in a specific period of time, and are regulated by the EPA. Disinfectants kill certain bacteria, viruses, mildews, or fungi, in a specific period of time, and are also regulated by the EPA.